architectural visualization

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who are we?

a small growing team of professionals and enthusiasts who all share the same passion, passion for the details. 

here at raum228 we are dedicated to achieve the finest details and ultimate quality for the 3d representation of your projects.

we use our finest skills and latest technology, but one of it stands out from the crowd: our emotions. 

how do we work?

we are very committed to our work, but to make things possible it is necessary for all of us to follow a certain set of rules and workflow practices in order to reach and fulfill the highest expectations of our partners and customers. 

a good and extensive communication is the key to success. we like to know you, to know your project and your style.


raum228 is expanding day by day while searching for the sweet spot between creating great visualisations and obtaining the comfort of a cosy workspace. it all started back in the student dorm days where three architecture students met and realised they all share the same passions: architecture, 3d design and of course, beer :)


DI Goran Cvijanović, architect

co-founder and executive officer at raum228

workaholic and the guy in charge of everything.

probably the guy you will speak to and who will solve your problem.

member of the bavarian association of architects.


Marko Marčeta, architect

co-founder and senior cg artist at raum228

the sharpest eye in the room.

probably the guy who will make your visualisation look wonderful.

passionate mtb driver.


Nemanja Mijatović, architect

co-founder and senior cg artist at raum228

the critical opinion provider.

probably the guy who will keep his eye on your visualisation all the time.

meat eater.


Ognjen Mijatović, civil engineer

structural engineer at raum228

engineer in house.

the guy who develops some new projects at raum228.

the big brother.